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PT. Klip Plastik is a pioneering company producing resealable, ziplock plastic bags. In 1976 PT. Klip Plastik introduced the product to Indonesia and is still the leading manufacturer domestically.

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With over 40 years of experience, PT. Klip Plastik is still increasing its know-how based on research and experimentation, striving to think beyond what’s possible through new ideas and techniques. We also encourage our senior engineers to share their expertise with the next generation.

We're Professional

PT. Klip Plastik has implemented and maintained a high quality assurance in both product and customer service since 1976. By placing customer satisfaction as its main priority, we continue to build good relationships whilst meeting the demands and needs of each customer.


Established in 1976, PT. Klip Plastik is a pioneering company producing resealable plastic bags in Indonesia. Over decades, we have expanded and supplied to various businesses such as retailers, wholesalers, distributors and industries both domestically and internationally.


PT. Klip Plastik aims to be the leading manufacturer and exporter of ziplock bags in Indonesia and aims to do so for the Asean region.


PT. Klip Plastik believes in maintaining and improving its quality and efficiency to achieve excellent customer satisfaction.



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" In these years of collaboration, the company PT Klip Plastik has always demonstrated professionalism, seriousness and efficiency in processing our orders. Your products are of excellent quality: our customers are always pleased. They are precise in the packaging and timely deliveries. "


PT. Charmindo Mitra Raharja

Lia Septiani

" So far there are no significant obstacles in the supply of plastic raw materials for us. The arrival schedule of items from PT. Klip PLastik always matches what we ask for, even for some items shipped faster so we do not have to worry about stock shortages. For the quality of goods we receive, so far there is no significant difference from the spec we asked. And in the case of complaints, PT. Klip PLastik always handle well. Hopefully in the future, the cooperation will continue well. "


RS. Royal Taruma

" Prices often increase, but still balanced with the quality of goods on demand, good service and delivery of goods in accordance with the schedule."


PT. Pradasari Kimindo

" Quality of products, customer service and response to any complains are adequate and satisfactory. Shipping orders are on time and faces no delays. "


PT. Romance Bedding & Furniture

" Customer service is good in handling our orders and the quality of their products does differs only marginally to the specification we have provided, delivery is also quick. "

Our Products


amazing caves coverimage

Ramadan Kareem PT. Klip Plastik - Indonesia

Physical Distancing ditempat kerja masa COVID-19

- Ukur suhu tubuh sebelum masuk kerja,
- Jemur matahari & cuci tangan,
- Hand Sanitizer - Produksi & Office,
- Spray D...

amazing caves coverimage

Heat Resistance Test

PT. Klip Plastik Indonesia, menguji coba produk plastik klip untuk dimasukan ke dalam microwave selama 3 menit, uji coba dilakukan 2 kali, yang pertama dengan hanya plastik klip saja, kemudian ...

amazing caves coverimage

Endurance Test

PT. Klip Plastik Indonesia, menguji coba ketahanan produk plastik klip dengan memasukan beban berat berupa batu bata dan klip plastik tidak terbuka dan tetap tertutup rapat. Kami menambah beban ...

amazing caves coverimage

Leak-Proof Test

PT. Klip Plastik Indonesia, Leak-Proof test merupakan test yang dilakukan untuk menguji kebocoran, dengan cara mengisi plastik klip dengan air. Dalam video Leak-Proof test ini terbukti bahwa p...

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Be a part of something,bigger than yourself. Our company is committed to identifying the most suitable talent for each position. In this regard, we place a great deal of emphasis on the technical skills, experience and personal attitudes of applicants.


Ability to work in a team. Active and focussed in achieving assigned objectives.

Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in a technical, mechanical, chemical, environmental, IT or financial field.

Age: between 20 and 30 years.

Languages: Fluent, written and spoken Indonesian. A second language would be appreciated.


Our environment is continuously growing and changing and the spirit of initiative and pro-activity are always recognised. PT. Klip Plastik enhances internal growth through dedicated training courses, always putting professionalism and quality of work first.


A professional and integrated training path with skills courses, technical training and practical experience in the field.

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